Graffiti Love

Graffiti are colorful drawings inscriptions that either that try to communicate the meaning something through literature. They are notorious for this kind of abstract literature. However, it’s what they thrive on in order to succeed business. Every time a new matatu come on the road there is a different kind of design.

Graffiti has a deep history that can be traced to the American gangs. The gangs have popularized them through promotion of music videos. The same case applies in Kenya where graffiti is accompanied by large video screens, loud music and big speakers. The vehicle tyres are also given a face lift and extended a bit out of the axles. In the end you get a final result of how graffiti can enhance beauty. The hooting has been customized to sound so modern unlike the normal horns. 

Graffiti is big business and students from even from foreign countries seem to have caught up with the trend. They scramble for the leaving dull one to the older generation. The vehicles have large stickers of rap music artist probably downloaded from the internet. This has also contributed to a lot of employment. Graphic artists now have testimonials in moving objects. Importation of new vehicles has risen bringing the matatu industry art par with other sectors including tourism. Youthful tourists prefer hiring this kind of matatus compared to the normal ones.

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